This delicious, rare white tea is expectionally fresh and lively, with a mild muscatel flavor and light honeyed taste. 

All of our Darjeeling teas are vintage, meaning they are not blended with any other teas. High in the snow-capped Himalayas, this tea is biodynamically and organically grown, where the cooler climate insures a slow growth and a rich flavor. This tea literally comes from the "Mother Bushes" of the tea estate, which are rare trees used traditionally only for grafting new plants and historic reference. The yield from these trees is very small, thus making this an extra limited offer. It is loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids preserved straight from the estate. This is like the white burgundy of the tea world, exclusively imported and commissioned by Rare Tea Cellar. It has been on our tea wish list for 10 years and miraculously its time has come.

Organic, Biodynamic, Fair Trade

Origin: Darjeeling, India

Caffeine Content: Low-Med

Weight: 1 oz - Avg. 15 Cups