The name, Autrefois, literally translated to "in the past" says it all... In this rare, beautiful olive oil, The Huilerie cooperative de Beaucaire, has carefully recreated the methods of olive oil production used by their ancestors. 

Characterized by subtle aromas of black olives and undergrowth, Autrefois is created after prolonged storage allows the olives to come to full maturity.  A short fermentation and meticulous temperature control result in a divine olive oil, highlighting a fruitiness and a deep black olive “confit” flavor.  

The olives come mainly from the “Gard” with some parcels in the Bouche du Rhone and Vaucluse. The olive trees are planted on stony hills, and the olives are harvested by hand and with nets 

The acidity of the oil never exceeds 0.8%.  Autrefois is very long in the mouth, with a little spiciness (from the Picholine olive).

The Huilerie cooperative de Beaucaire, created in 1924 Near the Chateau de Beaucaire (and the city of Tarascon), Provence has approximately 1000 members today.