Share something sweet with someone you love... or just keep it for yourself!

  • Morrocan Mint Meritage 2oz:  The finest Organic, Biodynamic, Fair Trade certified peppermint and spearmint blended with hand-picked Dragonwell green tea from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province in China. The subtle sweetness of the mint with the full, round flavor of the Dragonwell evokes the long tradition of Moroccan after-dinner mint green tea.
  • Vanilla Bean Rooibos 2oz:  Whole vanilla beans from Madagascar and Papua New Guinea imbue their heavenly fragrance onto the leaves of South African Rooibos. By virtue of its Rooibos base, this vanilla-scented blend is entirely caffeine-free and very high in antioxidants!
  • T-Sac Tea Filters: A simple solution for brewing loose leaf tea! Simply add your favorite tea or a blend of teas to the sac, fold or twist the top, and brew in a tea for one or mug. 
  • Okinawa Kokuto 2oz: Unlike conventional brown sugar, Kokuto is high in calcium, potassium, and iron. This unique dark sugar is produced in Okinawa, Japan using pure sugar cane and a slow cooking process developed early in the 17th century. Not only does this process result in a sugar chock full of nutrients, it also creates a distinctive, mellowly sweet flavor. 
  • Mieli Thun Arancio - Italian Orange Blossom Honey: Mieli Thun is one of the finest honey producers on the market, great care is taken to extract the finest monofloral honey. For years they have specialized in unique specialty honeys that have the characteristic flavor and aroma of what the bees take from nature.
  • Handmade Mini Shortbread Biscuits with Warming Stem Ginger: These mini shortbread biscuits make a great gift or addition to holiday meals. The popular Stem Ginger "minis" are irresistible and a long term favorite for fans of Shortbread House of Edinburgh.