A proprietary blend of the finest lemon leaves and lemon peels. This majestic blend pulls leaves from Australia, Morocco, Egypt, and France and peels from Japan and Egypt. It includes the amazing and exotic Pharaoh's Ancient Lemon Peel, Lemon Myrtle, and more! This blend was featured in a collaboration with Goose Island Brewery as the key ingredient in Sai-Shan-Tea Beer. This amazing lemon elixir produces a lemony finish that lasts and lasts...


Origin: Australia, Morocco, Egypt, Japan

Caffeine Content: Naturally No Caffeine

Weight: 1/4lb - Avg. 60 Cups /  1lb - Avg. 240 Cups

Quantity:  1 tablespoon per 12oz. 

Water temperature:  205ºF

Brewing time:  3-5 minutes.

Infusions:  4

*For each additional infusion add 1 minute to brew time