A near-perfect blend, this herbal tea has been a bestseller since the day we created it. We combined two of our highest quality, most delicious herbs – Lemongrass and Organic Wild Rose. This infusion is caffeine-free but exceptionally refreshing. The mellow, delicate taste of the rosebuds complements the tanginess of the lemongrass. Each sip of this tea is an exercise in harmony. 

This blend is visually appealing, the green lemongrass and the pink roses producing a bronze-colored liquor. This drink goes down easy and is recommended for anyone in search of a unique, caffeine-free drink that is exceptionally invigorating.


Origin: Cairo, Egypt

Caffeine Content: Naturally Caffeine Free

Weight: 1/4lb - Avg. 60 Cups)  /  1lb - Avg. 240 Cups

Quantity:  1 tablespoon per 12oz. 

Water temperature:  205ºF

Brewing time:  3-5 minutes.

Infusions:  4

*For each additional infusion add 1 minute to brew time