Osmanthus, also known as Hedonistic Wild Picked Orange Blossom, is for those who crave something distinctly fruity and sweet. This cherished Chinese flower varies in type and color, but we use the coveted yellow-orange variety for our drink. These richly colored orange blossoms have concentrated flavor and high amounts of cancer-fighting beta-carotene. Extracts from this flower scent everything from cosmetics to chewing gum. A light-colored elixir produces strong, enticing apricot and honey flavors with faint hints of citrus. These complex flavors linger in the mouth. It is desert-like, but maintains integrity – suggestive of nectar, without being syrupy. This drink is great hot or iced and excellent blended with tea.  

In Japan it’s known as Kinmokusei . 


Origin: Anhui, China

Caffeine Content: Naturally Caffeine Free

Weight: 1/4lb - Avg. 60 Cups /  1lb - Avg. 240 Cups

Quantity:  1 tablespoon per 12oz. 

Water temperature:  205ºF

Brewing time:  3-5 minutes.

Infusions:  4

*For each additional infusion add 1 minute to brew time