Our 2021 Gingerbread Dream is a variation on our previous blend, but we love it and we think you will too!

    Rooibos tea, Guatemalan ginger, sliced almondspistachios, Mekong cinnamon, Spanish orange peel, Indian coriander, spice essence, and baby pink peppercorns,

    Also amazing as an ingredient for baking, making custard, infusing liquor, or even a dry rub.

    Caffeine Content: Naturally Caffeine Free

    Weight: 1/4lb - Avg. 60 Cups / 1lb - Avg. 240 Cups

    Quantity: 1 heaping teaspoon (approx. 5-7 grams) per 12oz.

    Water temperature: 205ºF

    Brewing time: 3-5 minutes.

    Infusions: 4

    *For each additional infusion add 1 minute to brew time