SKU: SYR52-Peach
This Peach Brandy Barrel Aged Maple Syrup is a golden collaboration between Peach Street Distillery and Burton's Maplewood Farm. When Tim Burton was introduced to Bill Grahm he knew this was one of those guys who will "Get It". Tim explained how the barrel aging process worked with "Fire Infusion". Tim asked Bill if he'd be interested in creating a Peach and Pear Brandy Barrel Aged Maple Syrup for his distillery located in Palisades, CO.. Bill immediately said yes, then asked Tim if he would give him a hand with taking down bird netting at his Vineyard? Tim sealed the deal by giving Bill a hand and barrels of used Peach and Pear Brandy Barrels were on their way to Tim's farm located in the southern hills of Indiana a short time after. A true testament of "Friends helping Friends" Now you can enjoy this "Golden" elixir yourself for Breakfast, in a Cocktail or for Braising Salmon/Trout, Steak, Pork or Chicken on the grill.