VERY LIMITED EDITION of 50 DAMASCUS Pieces for the World !

XFETTA Damasco Limited Edition took its unique shape after these two thoughts: the fixed blade, unique feature allowing to overcome the problem of cutting regulation, obtaining a constant and thin truffle slice , is both a manufacturing challenge and a cooking innovation, expression of the important partnership between the Chef and the Manufacturer.


XFETTA Damasco Limited Edition is made of Damasteel DS93XTM, a sintered damask steel made of two different grade alloys, RWL34TMand PMC27TM.



Keep the product away from humidity, avoid shocks and accidental falls, store it carefully using the protective band.
Wash only with water and fully dry carefully, do not leave it wet; apply the protective band only when the product is perfectly dry.
The product can be re-sharpened only by the manufacturer.