Chocolate Kissed Rose

from $25.00

Peach Rose Noir

from $22.00

Rose Noir

from $15.00

Emperor's Chamomile Rose Blossom

from $25.00

Magnolia Rose Oolong

from $27.00

Litchi Rose Noir

from $15.00

Samurai Rose Noir

from $15.00

Emperor's Lemongrass Wild Rose

from $30.00

French Breakfast - Organic

from $25.00

Emperor's Milk Chocolate Elixir

from $60.00

Fields of France Rooibos (Organic)

from $20.00

Chocolate Lover's Gift Set


A Rose by a Dozen Other Names

from $45.00

Tea for Two


L'Epicerie de Provence Rose Syrup


Framboisines Raspberries in Liquer

from $28.95

Raspberry Flavor Pearls


Honey Flavor Pearls


Shortbread With Rich Dark Chocolate


Shortbread With Salted Caramel


Shortbread With Aromatic Lavender


Shortbread With Clotted Cream