Forego the standard dozen roses and surprise your darling with a dozen of our tea blends that incorporate the floral notes of rose and can be enjoyed long after the bouquets have wilted. 

The dozen includes approximately 5 servings of: 

Rose Noir, Litchi Rose Noir, Samurai Rose Noir, Emperor's Lemongrass Wild Rose, Dragonwell Wild Rose, Fields of France Rooibos, Sweet Dreams Sencha Wild Rose, African Floral Medley, Magnolia Rose Oolong, Peach Rose Noir, Emperor's Chamomile Rose Blossom and 1999 Vintage Pu-erh Wild Rose (single serving). 

The half dozen includes: 

Litchi Rose Noir, Samurai Rose Noir, Emperor's Lemongrass Wild Rose, Fields of France Rooibos, Magnolia Rose Oolong, 1999 Vintage Pu-erh Wild Rose (single serving).