This set gives a taste of three teas that we love for their beautifying benefits. A perfect "treat yourself" purchase, or gift for the skin and haircare enthusiast in your life. 

High Mountain Bamboo contains a substantial amount of silica, the mineral component that provides the building block of collagen. The silica in this delightful drink encourages healthy hair, skin, and nails and even promotes healthy bone density!

The rooibos in our Field's of France Rooibos lends it many healing properties for the skin including anti-aging, wrinkle fighting components and redness soothing effects. 

Finally, our Emperor's Jasmine Pearls, like all green tea, have compounds that benefit complexion and aid digestion. 

Set Includes: 

2 oz bag of High Mountain Bamboo Leaves

2 oz bag of Fields of France Rooibos

2 oz bag of Emperor's Jasmine Pearls