Sweet and smoky Turkish spice paste with red peppers. 


Belazu saw the emergence of the Urfa chilli in some cutting edge Middle Eastern restaurants in the UK and noticed that smoky, earthy flavours were on the rise. On a trip to Istanbul, they discovered that the traditional Turkish pepper paste, Biber Salcasi, is used as the base of many Turkish dishes, so they used this to help achieve a full flavour delivery. Combining these ingredients, they have created something with a flavoursome punch that has lots of applications.

Once the peppers are picked, they are left in the sun to cure and develop their deep reddish-brown colour. This process lends them distinctive earthy and smoky flavors with hints of raisin and tobacco, which gives way to a strong, but not fierce, chilli heat.


  • As a base for marinades, dressings and drizzles on fish, meat and vegetables
  • Mix into aioli to serve with squid or other deep-fried seafood
  • Use as an alternative to chilli oil in noodle soups and stir-fries
  • Mix with yoghurt to create a dip 

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