BLiS™ Spruce-Infused Ponzu Sauce

Net wt: 

375 ml (12.7 oz)


This Spruce Infused Ponzu Sauce was created to showcase the unique flavors of our barrel-aged products with the fresh additions of Rare Tea Cellar's spruce tips and ma kombu. A truly unique addition to your culinary repertoire, this sauce is sure to add depth to any dish with a citrusy, umami blast!

Use as a dipping sauce, light glaze, or marinade, this ponzu sauce is sure to pack a punch of citrus and umami anywhere it's added. 





BLiS yuzu vinegar( made with our Hand Zested Yuzu Peel, BliS maple-bourbon aged soy sauce, BLiS barrel-aged fish sauce, BLiS Michigan bourbon barrel aged maple syrup, fresh spruce tips, ma kombu.