There are many species of edible mushrooms that lend themselves to savory dishes, but very few that are used to flavor desserts like the “Candy Cap.” One of the many marvels of mushrooms is that they have so many distinctive fragrances, and the candy cap has one of the sweeter ones: that of maple syrup. This fragrance is faint when the mushroom is fresh in the field, but a slow drying indoors will produce a strong and heady fragrance, powerful enough to perfume an entire room for a year. This fragrance is imparted to foods when used in cooking, and dried mushrooms are often powdered to flavor desserts, or soaked, chopped and cooked to flavor cookies. They also make a delicious counterpoint to savory dishes, especially those using smoked meats.

Serving Suggestions: Steep in an ice cream mix or add to a savory stew to add a subtle sweetness.