Our Emperor's Spearmint is delicious and possesses a unique sweetness not found in inferior varieties. This mint is organically and biodynamically cultivated in Cairo, Egypt, and is some of the best available. Spearmint, unlike peppermint, has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean and is even mentioned in the Bible. Spearmint is a familiar flavor, as it is used in everything from candy to savory dishes. Spearmint has a mellow, smooth taste without much astringency and it is not strongly mentholated. Our spearmint’s sweetness, plus its known positive effect on digestion makes it a perfect after-dinner drink.

Quantity:  1 tablespoon per 12oz. 

Water temperature:  205ºF

Brewing time:  3-5 minutes.

Infusions:  4

*For each additional infusion add 1 minute to brew time