Give a taste of the holidays with this set! We've put together four of our most popular teas for the holiday season to make the perfect host or hostess gift, treat for yourself, or present for a tea lover. 

Set includes: 


    • Bourbon Vanilla Chai 4oz: A delicious blend of high mountain black teas, chopped Tahitian vanilla bean, Guatemalan ginger, green cardamom, Mekong and Ceylon cinnamon, coriander, cloves, black pepper, and Calendula petals. A carefully crafted balance of sweet and spicy. 
    • Caramel Dream Pu-ehr 4oz: Vintage Pu-erh is cured with caramel and Madagascar vanilla to give a sweet note to this earthy blend.
    • Vanilla Bean Rooibos 4oz: 
    • Whole vanilla beans from Madagascar and Papua New Guinea imbue their heavenly fragrance onto the leaves of South African Rooibos. By virtue of its Rooibos base, this vanilla-scented blend is entirely caffeine-free and very high in antioxidants!
    • Cider Spice Noir 4oz: 
  • High Mountain Ceylon and Indian black tea blended with amazing spices. Aromatic spice and delicate apple sweetness, Mekong cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon, two varieties of allspice, cloves, black pepper, green cardamom, white cardamom, ginger, coriander, freeze-dried apple, plus a few secret ingredients!
  • Mieli Thun Castagno - Italian Chestnut Honey: This delightful honey has the aroma of dried chamomile, the palate reveals a slightly bitter, flavor with notes of wood, wet tobacco, carob, and cocoa bean. Although of floral origin, it has composition parameters similar to honeydew honeys.