This Rare Tea Cellar Exclusive is a truly magnificent honey. From the artistry of Mieli Thun quintessence is the story of the flowering zenith, when honey reaches its maximum possible integrity. There is a magical moment when the flower is more generous in nectar, more intense in aroma and taste.

The Fir Tree Honeydew Quintessenza has the scent of fir resin, barley candy, candied citrus peel, and a rare smokiness. The flavor is of medium sweetness with evident notes of malt and caramel. This unique honey contains traces of green algae and microscopic fungi that live on the original plants.

Serve with fatty, cured meats, lard, or any charcuterie, dissolve in lemon juice for fruit salad, or emulsify with extra virgin olive oil to lacquer duck breast.  Also amazing on a thick slice of bread with the best butter.