When tasting the Mieli Thun Quintessenza Lemon Tree Honey we should not be influenced by the memory of the taste of lemon, bees date the flower and never the fruit. This beautiful honey is sweet at the first taste, then followed by an evident acid shade. It recalls the lemon zest with a vanilla-flavored note.

On the tongue, it is fresh and almost fizzy. On the nose, it brings the aroma of an exotic fruit.

The palate is extremely creamy, fatty, velvety.


Use the Lemon Tree Honey in any sweet or savory recipe that includes citruses, in pastry but also in the oven with cooked fish and in legume soups.

In the Kitchen

This honey is excellent used in cooking vegetable bases and the oil-free cooking of onions or leeks. Used in pastry it is an excellent sweetener of crème patissière or in shortcrust pastry. It is also good for candying fruit

This Rare Tea Cellar Exclusive is a truly magnificent honey. From the artistry of Mieli Thun quintessence is the story of the flowering zenith, when honey reaches its maximum possible integrity. There is a magical moment when the flower is more generous in nectar, more intense in aroma and taste.