This unique honey is ethereal to the nose, with notes of fresh white flowers and snow; notes of alpine herbs and watermelon rind; at times the presence of wild thyme. Sweet, intense, full, with a finale of virgin wax.  Honey made from r. ponticum has been known since antiquity as the “honey of folly”; but have no fear: ours is well balanced!


Due to territorial overlap and tradition, it is paired with whole milk mountain cheeses, or used in the mix for cheese canederli (bread dumplings from the North-East of Italy) and to lessen the acidity of sauerkraut.

In the Kitchen:

Excellent used to balance gastronomic contrasts like bittersweet or salty-sweet. To glaze or candy acidic fruit. Just before serving, mix into vegetable or cheese risotto with the butter. In marinades for freshwater fish. Dissolved in water, then frozen and shaved, for an ethereal granita.

This Rare Tea Cellar Exclusive is a truly magnificent honey. From the artistry of Mieli Thun quintessence is the story of the flowering zenith, when honey reaches its maximum possible integrity. There is a magical moment when the flower is more generous in nectar, more intense in aroma and taste.