The bouquet of Thistle Cardoon Honey is characterized by scents of chrysanthemums and daisies, earth, peat, and cut bark, with a finish dominated by the pungent and singular notes of macerated flower stems. On the palate, it is moderately sweet and slightly astringent, with a fresh vegetal note.

The milk used to make Tronchon cheese, cited by Cervantes in his famous work, Don Quixote, was curdled with cardoon flowers


Its opulent taste makes it a natural match for legume and grain-based dishes, and also for more exotic purées, like hummus. Try it as an ingredient in a sweet and sour sauce consisting of sesame, mustard, cumin, oil, salt, and vinegar.

In the Kitchen:

Excellent in tuna sauce, green sauce, and mayonnaise

This Rare Tea Cellar Exclusive is a truly magnificent honey. From the artistry of Mieli Thun quintessence is the story of the flowering zenith, when honey reaches its maximum possible integrity. There is a magical moment when the flower is more generous in nectar, more intense in aroma and taste.