Icewine vinegar named for the temperature at which the grapes are harvested and pressed. Barrel-aged for years in a French oak Solera system started in 1997. Icewine is made by picking grapes that are naturally frozen on the vine and pressing them while they are still frozen. The yield is very limited but the juice is rich, naturally sweet and full of flavour. Keep in mind that while the quality for Minus 8 is always high, they are small-batch agricultural products subject to slight variations due to the changing character of the vintage each year.


Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Deep dark amber colour

Density: Quite thick, concentrated and viscous; it flows down the glass with a thick coating

Aromas: Very complex, quite aromatic, with forward notes of ripe tropical fruit, apple butter, Asian spice, a combination of dried and baked/stewed fruit (a mixed bag), vanilla, sandalwood/cedar, cocoa powder and nuances of toasted nut, Madeira and cream sherry.

Palate: Sweet, rich, concentrated flavours follow its aromatic profile, with additions of caramel, prune, plum, cooked sweet tree fruit; the finish is amazingly long and persistent.