Unusual candied green peaches from the mountains of Japan. Preserved in a sweet syrup they can be eaten pits and all. They keep their greenness from the time of harvest and are finished to a perfect texture. No colorings or preservatives are used. These baby peaches are a delicious and unique treat! Excellent in cocktails, desserts, or as a garnish. 

  • Use a few pickled peaches on charcuterie platters or in place of an olive in a martini.
  • Simmer Baby peaches in sugar and water to create a syrup.
  • The sweetened fruits can be served alongside dessert or after-dinner drinks.
  • The fruit and syrup can be used to make sweet jellies or pound cake. In Japan, they are found in the center of pastries and served with mochi.

Preserved Green peaches will keep for up to several months, sealed in an airtight container, in the refrigerator.