1999 Vintage Pu-erh Wild Rose

from $16.00

2012 Vintage Silver Needle Pu-erh

from $35.00

Bizarre Foods Sampler


Bourbon Vanilla Chai

from $20.00

Butane Burner


Emperor's Genmaicha

from $25.00

Emperor's Lemon Meritage (Organic)

from $25.00

Emperor's Milk Chocolate Elixir

from $60.00

Emperor's Mint Chocolate

from $25.00

Fields of France Rooibos (Organic)

from $20.00

Fresh Green Kukicha

from $35.00

RTC Gingerbread Dream Rooibos 2021

from $25.00

House Modern Silver Top Teapot


Italian Green Almondine

from $25.00

Magnolia Blossom Oolong

from $30.00

Moonlight Jasmine Blossom

from $55.00

Sakura Dream - Preserved Cherry Blossom


Tea of the Month Club

from $85.00

The Porthole by Crucial Detail


Emperor's Woven White Star of China


RTC Bourbon Barrel Smoked Sugar

from $10.00

Matcha Gift Set


Master Tea Sampler


Infusion Syphon Sommelier by Hario


Heatproof Decanter With Handle by Hario


Jumping Tea Server by Hario


Leaf Tea Pot Clear by Hario


Professional Kyoto Drip Tower by Hario


Tea Dripper Largo by Hario


Tea Dripper Largo Stand Set by Hario


Grapefruit Grove Elixir

from $25.00

Moroccan Mint Meritage

from $25.00

Wild Foraged Stinging Nettle Limon Tea


Emperor's Mountain Blueberry Leaves

from $45.00