This wonderful green tea is scented eight times with Jasmine flowers and hand-tied with a single silk thread. The flowers literally bloom next to the tea. A wildflower from the Okinawa mountains is inserted into the tea ball prior to drying, to enhance the scent and presentation.

Performance Tea

High in Antioxidants

Origin: Okinawa, Japan

Quantity:  1 tablespoon per 12oz. of water

Caffeine Content: Med-High

We suggest using a glass teapot to fully enjoy the visual transformation this tea undergoes as it is brewing. This tea is best when brewed for five minutes with water under boiling temperature.

Display teas are known as performance tea or living tea. When brewed, these teas open into beautiful bouquets, Rare Tea Cellar features a wonderful selection of the finest display performance teas available. These hand tied (white silk thread) teas are an opportunity for master tea makers to display their skills and to honor longstanding local tea customs and traditions. Hand tied artisan teas can handle a longer brew time and do not become bitter with extended steeping. Longer brewing time provides extended time to appreciate the visual sensation of these tea blossoms.

This exquisite display tea offers a stunning performance. This tea has an exceptional presence in the center of a dinner table or in individual glasses. The white silvery hairs clinging to the green tea leaves are indicative of the superior quality. Only the finest leaves have this feature. These special leaves are hand-picked, scented with flower, artistically cut and molded, then steamed and dried to preserve the shape. This tea is specifically designed for display. It does not become bitter and will not over brew. It can withstand many infusions.