Cuvée Paradis Fruit Vert Extra Virgin Olive Oil:


Our Paradis cuvée is the jewel of our collection, offering powerful herbal aromas, very fruity, with harmonious fragrances.

80% Bouteillan 20% Aglandau Olives  
Aroma Profile: Green Banana, Cut Grass, Green Leaf
Flavor Profile: Fresh Almond, Green Banana, Apple


Besides the aromas of black olive, the delicate aromas of red fruit jam make this oil a precious secret ingredient for your desserts. It also accommodates your salads, sauces, meats or fish…

Domaine Salvator Olive Oils 

Since 1902 Domaine Salvator has farmed their Olive Orchards in the heart of Provence, France.  At an altitude of 450 meters, fifth-generation farmers Sophie and Frederic Pinatel have cultivated 40 hectares of land, taking a sustainable approach to organic farming practices. AOP certified