Rare Tea Cellar's Yuzu Salt is a culinary masterpiece, artfully blending the exquisite essence of Yuzu.  Handpicked exclusively for Rare Tea Cellar, our yuzu is of unmatched quality. This premium seasoning incorporates freshly ground, hand-zested peel of Emperor's Grade Yuzu, infusing the salt with an intoxicating citrus aroma and a complex, tangy flavor that dances on the palate. The Yuzu's distinctive notes of grapefruit, lime, and mandarin orange elevate the salt's profile, offering a burst of freshness that can transform any dish.

Meticulously crafted with Fleur De Sel de Guérande, known for its delicate crystals and mineral-rich taste, this salt combines the best of both worlds— the earthy depth of the sea and the vibrant zest of Yuzu. The texture is as pleasing to the touch as the flavor is to the taste, with the fine grains dissolving effortlessly to distribute their flavor evenly.

This luxurious Yuzu Salt is a versatile ingredient that can enhance a wide range of dishes. From finishing seafood to rimming cocktail glasses, sprinkling over roasted vegetables, or even adding a zesty twist to chocolates and desserts, its unique flavor profile encourages culinary creativity. Chefs and home cooks alike will find it an indispensable addition to their pantry, perfect for adding a sophisticated and unexpected pop of flavor to both sweet and savory creations.