SKU: BZ-065G

Made on Mount Gerazim, near to a little town called Nablus - the original home of Tahini. The sesame seeds hail from Ethiopia, some say they produce the best sesame in the world, they are washed clean and then roasted. Not to a prescribed formula but with each batch the roasters perform their duties with their nose as well as their eyes, making sure that the seeds don't catch or are over-heated. Once peeled the seeds are double-milled for an incredibly fine finish.

The "Use By" date does not decrease from opening.


  • Use to make hummus
  • Whisk with citrus fruit juice, water, garlic and maybe a little honey for a fantastic salad dressing. 
  • Serve on roasted aubergines and cauliflower. 
  • Mix into yogurt with garlic and lemon to go with charcoal grilled meats or fish.