SKU: BZ-018R

Rich, black, naturally-ripened Beldi olives blended with capers, garlic, and sundried tomatoes to make an umami-rich paste that picked up a Great Taste Star in 2014.  Belazu uses the finest black Moroccan olives and capers with no artificial flavourings or preservatives. 

Did you know? Though the principal ingredient is olives,  the term Tapenade comes from the Provençal name for caper buds, tapeno. In ancient times, capers were preserved in amphoras of olive oil, forming as the origins of the modern tapenade.  

  • Add a spoonful to a tuna and green bean salad
  • Stuff under the skin of a roast chicken
  • Stir into a tomato sauce for a umami flavour
  • Use as a pizza topping 
  • Spread onto a cheese and tomato toastie