Our Limited Edition 2001 Mandarin White Pu-erh is truly a treasure.  This unique tea is created through an arduous process of harvesting baby green mandarins and carefully removing the pulp of the fruit by hand, leaving only the thin outer aromatic peel of the orange.  Once almost dried, the mandarins are filled with mellow, ancient tea tree white pu-erh creating a delightful combination of flavors, both sweet and tangy.  As this tea ages in the mandarin skin, a delicate synergy is created between the tea and fruit, until they become one!

To brew this unusual tea, unwrap a mandarin crack it open by pressing with both thumbs. Remove half of the tea leaves and break off a few small pieces of the peel and steep together.  (Adjust the amount of peel you use to taste, more mandarin peel will deliver a more citrusy tea)

Delicious served both hot and iced!