The team at Rare Tea Cellar has curated this limited edition collection of some of our most popular and sought after ingredients to help you take your recipes from ordinary to extraordinary!  




  • Lobster Oil by Groix & NatureSlowly cooked for hours in grapeseed oil, this all-natural lobster oil is prepared from locally harvested European blue lobster. The result is an amazing golden-color infused oil.
  • Plantin Truffle Paste: 

    The professional chef's secret weapon! No mushroom filler, just truffles, truffle juice, salt, extra virgin olive oil, and truffle aroma make this a must for any gourmet kitchen.

  • Tubissime Moutarde Aux Noix: or Mustard with Walnut, is smooth with a complex, rich flavor that is bright, earthy and nutty all at the same time. Moutarde Aux Noix compliments everything from a ham sandwich to filet mignon taking any dish from ordinary to extraordinary.  This rare mustard is a Rare Tea Cellar favorite!
  • Sardines With Lobster Oil by Groix & Nature: Marinated in grape seed oil infused with Normandy lobster, these sardines are prepared by hand and stand out above the traditional sardine.
  • Jean-Marc Montegottero Cherry Vinegar: Jean-Marc's Huilerie Beaujolaise produces the most sought-after vinegar in the world. Their cherry vinegar starts as ripe cherries and is brewed into an exquisite vinegar.
  • Acquerello 7 Year Rice: Acquerello is the ultimate Carnaroli Superfine rice. It is produced and packed by the Rondolino family on the Tenuta Torrone della Colombara Estate, in the heart of Italy's Piedmont’s Vercelli province. Aging for 7 years renders starch, proteins and vitamins less water-soluble, improving the consistency of the grains and enabling them to absorb more cooking liquid. When cooked, the grains become bigger, firmer, do not stick together – and taste even better.
  • Montaraz Jamon de Bellota Pre-sliced 1.5oz: Acorn-fed Jamón Ibérico de Bellota is the most luxurious ham in the world. Each paper-thin slice is meltingly delicious with a deep richness and complex flavor. Bellota in Spanish literally means acorn. Ibérico pigs destined for the bellota designation feast during the ‘montanera’ season when the oak trees drop tons of sweet acorns. 
  • Autrefois Virgin Olive Oil: The name, Autrefois, literally translated to "in the past" says it all... In this rare, beautiful olive oil, The Huilerie cooperative de Beaucaire, has carefully recreated the methods of olive oil production used by their ancestors. 
  • Murray River Sea Salt Flakes: Produced naturally from underground mines in the Murray Darling Basin, these delicate, peach-colored flakes have a wonderful mild flavor. The crystals melt quickly and evenly, making this an ideal salt for finishing, roasting, and baking.
  • Bourbon Barrel Smoked Pepper: Our Bourbon Smoked Pepper is a quarter cracked Malabar peppercorn that is slow smoked using barrel staves that once held some of Kentucky’s finest bourbon. Packed with smoky flavor and aroma, our Bourbon Smoked Pepper is pungent and biting.
  • Isot Pepper (Urfa Biber): is a dried Turkish chili pepper cultivated in the Urfa region of Turkey. It is often described as having a smoky, 'raisin-like' taste, ripening to a dark maroon on the plant. The peppers go through a two-part process, where they are sun-dried during the day and wrapped tightly at night.  Isot pepper is less spicy than many other chili peppers, but provides a more lasting build of heat.
  • Belazu Preserved Lemons - Beldi:  Belazu's Preserved Beldi lemons are hand sorted and graded for size and quality. They are then hand-packed to ensure that the fruit doesn’t bruise and retains its fragrant aroma.
  • Belazu Rose Harissa: Rose Harissa has a slow-burning chili heat, balanced with a sweet smokiness that adds a real depth of flavor to any dish. It's one of Belazu's signature ingredients and bestsellers, developed from a secret recipe back in 1995. 
  • Belazu Chermoula Paste: Fresh coriander and hand-picked parsley, blended with other traditional Mediterranean ingredients, including our Beldi preserved lemons, for a warm, intense flavor with a hint of citrus. Brush onto meat or fish for a flavor punch.
  • Forbidden Forest Lapsang Souchong (Organic): To create this marvelous, smoky tea expression, ancient downed pine trees are piled deep in the forest and burned. The tea leaves are then hung above the fire and allowed to absorb the aroma. The end result is a full-bodied and robust tea with smoky-sweet flavor. 
  • RTC Litchi Noir: This High Mountain, black tea from Anhui, China, scented with freshly crushed litchi fruit makes for a perfectly refreshing beverage served both hot or over ice. This tea has a lovely tropical, naturally sweet flavor and high caffeine content to put a pep in your step.