Purple Ribbon Sugarcane, a popular variety grown throughout the South in the 1800’s, was thought to be lost entirely, replaced by other sugarcane varieties until the collaborative efforts of scientists, historians, farmers, and chefs has brought it back to Sapelo Island, Georgia, where the descendants of those who once grew it still live. Most cane juice is a yellow, straw color, the syrup made from Purple Ribbon Sugarcane is a deep purple. It tastes clean, not overpowering in sweetness, with a beautiful grassiness.


Several years ago 14 varieties of purple ribbon sugarcane were grown at Clemson University and transferred to Georgia Coastal Gourmet Farms in Townsend, Georgia. These varieties were grown over 4 years in order to perfect the variety which is worthy of being called the King of Canes. After four years we found one such variety and it is present in this bottle with no preservatives or additives. Our cane is grown naturally. This crop which was once grown by slaves is now being reintroduced to the south by the descendants of slaves.”

-Doc Bill & Jerome Dixon, Sr. Owners of GA Coastal Gourmet Farms